Book "Multi-Dimensional Sacred Art"
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The author of this book is a versatile artist with many sides: composer, singer, sound artist, dancer, and clown. He has performed in many countries and appeared on many stages, in churches, and also on variety shows. In this book, he presents a written work about sacred art, his productions, the essence of his artistic endeavours, and his life's visions.

In the first section, Lex van Someren examines the nature of art with the help of art forms from the past and present, those which are created from the sources of ancient people, their myths and archetypes. What results as the central theme is a great universal art which has existed in all eras, an art that brings transcendence into our life and our experiences. The author explains the connections between myths and art, between art and healing, and then proceeds to explain in detail what sacred art is, as opposed to didactic, socially-critical or shocking art.

Here, he introduces basic regulations for art, as well as for understanding and experiencing it: art as the gateway through which the divine consciousness can manifest itself in the earthly realm. Through art, a space for the free development of the viewer or listener's soul is created, in which all senses can be perceived, and above all, the feelings of the heart.
To produce this space through music, theatre, dance, visual art, etc., and to bring the viewer or listener to feel the awe of beauty and the profoundness of life, is the task of the arts. In this space, healing and becoming whole again can take place. In the second part of the book, the author presents his visions and projects regarding sacred art that he has partially initiated himself and would like to bring to life with other artists and friends.

In the third part of the book, you get to know more about the artist and person Lex van Someren. During several longer interviews up to the year 2000 he tells about how he came to be an artist, with all of the challenges and the positive sides. He tells about that what stands behind his art, his music, his soul language and his clowning - and about his visions. Here you can experience the authentic artist more closely, this person with his urge to create, his calling, his being, his heart, his humanity.
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