Lex van Someren
Internationally known as a visionary performance artist, composer, singer, dancer and clown, who knows how to embody
the dimensions of the soul in his art. His way of life as a mystic led him to the spiritual dimensions of music and sound.
By furthering his experience in the magical power of his singing voice and his own compositions
he uncovered a unique way to create music as a medium to awaken the soul.
His path of sensitivity has permitted him over the years to become an
authority of SACRED MUSIC for our modern times. Lex performs worldwide.
His work is an expression of the vision he holds to create beauty
through sacred performance art, music and rituals
which bing transformation, healing, upliftment,
inspirations and love to people of all ages
and of all walks of life.
He was born in Amsterdam (1952), where he later also had his debut in theatre.
At the age of eight he adopted Toon Hermans, the greatest stage artist and comedian Holland ever had, as his master teacher.
In 1975 Lex completed his graduate studies in physical education, he went on to study Tai-Chi, ancient sacred traditions of dance and mime and did intensive voice explorations at the Roy Hart Theatre in France. He performed in many different settings: from some of the largest theatres in Europe to private concerts, and from variety galas to churches. He danced and sung in India, performed in Lillehammer during the Olympic Wintergames, presented his show several times at Piccadilly in London. In Norway he did some TV shows and toured all over the country with his own program. He appeared on television, radio and at major festivals and conferences.

Most of his songs are without recognisable text, as it is his intention to transcend the limitation of speech. Instead he sings without a specific language, using only melodic syllables which remove the distraction of the mind and empower the audience to listen with the heart. Lex call this creative expression of moving spirit "his soul language."

Lex also worked as an artist director for professional theatre companies, and he founded "The Sacred Art of Clowning" - an educational institute where people are trained to become professional clowns. Up to 2007 Lex has composed and produced 27 CDs.

Lex is the author of the book "Multi-dimensional Sacred Arts" (see page Author); he is founder of the European Academy for new Sacred Arts and Music and initiator and director of the multi-dimensional stage show "Dreamjourney for the Soul", which is internationally on tour from 2009 onwards.