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Lex van Someren is internationally known as a visionary performance artist and composer, who knows how to embody the dimensions of the soul in music and sound.
He subtly weaves together tonal, melodic and rhythmical elements extracted from an array of different cultures and spiritual heritages to create new dimensions of higher awareness in music.

Most of his music was composed by himself, in cooperation with the German composer and arranger
Frank Steiner. Since 1994 a close working relationship and friendship has evolved between the two, which leaded to the production of many CD’s.

The Songwriter
Lex also writes his own songtexts except for the mantras. Beside the various songs with profound English texts, most of his songs he is singing in his soul language using only melodic syllables, which removes the distraction of the mind and empower the audience to listen with the heart. It has become his most precious language through which he is able to communicate directly from his soul and heart.