During a longer visit at the Ashram of Osho in Poona (1980), Lex van Someren discovered his authentic way of dance with flowing and circling movements.
For him this way of dancing has a very powerful energizing effect, which leads him into the silence of the moment, into meditation - it is a movement meditation that leads into conscious awareness of the inner center.

This slow and silent dance is for him a creative form of energy- and healing work, through which a sacred space of
BEING reveals itself.
In the eighties he met the American Chinese tai-chi teacher Al Huang. From him he learned a playful form of tai chi -
TAO of the 5 elements - which felt and still feels very close to his heart.
From there on his own way of
tai-chi-dance (TAO of dance) evolved, which he since then practises and performs on stage in his concerts and teaches to other people in his workshops and retreats.