Listeners write:

"A sound artist whose voice and music deeply touches and heals."

"I have never encountered a more beautiful man's voice! Simply splendid, a blessing, visonary,
wonderderful ..."

"Lex is a shaman who heals wounds with music and song."

"The sound magician whose music and song has taken me deep into myself, to the innermost
and most beautiful spaces of my heart and soul."
In his unique songs, sound elements from many epochs, cultures and spiritual traditions flow together. With a tender and intimite voice, as well as with a rousing one, which expands 4 octaves, this talented artist sings and touches the hearts of his listeners. He sings most of his songs in melodic syllables called his soul language, which can be beyond all borders. What is impressive is the warmth and delicacy in the highest and in the deepest tones of his singing, as well as his whistling, and how these are embedded in a sound scenery provided by delicate instrumental arrangements.
Lex also sings many mantras. These are holy chants from different cultures and religions, with a simple repeating text, through which we are reminded to the divine source in ourselves. Singing or repeating mantras is a form of meditation that is practiced all over the world.
Lex van Someren Sänger