Lex van Someren
On his life’s journey he discovered a synthesis of inner transformational work and his artistic creative expression in performance art and music.
In this he not only recognizes a healing power, but also a path of deep mystical experience and a profound joy for life, which he embodies in his art and in his teachings.
He developed a unique approach for his workshops “Essence of the Soul”, with a new dimension of awareness and energy work in music, voice work, chanting, singing, movement, dance, humour and performance art, through which people can be empowered and guided to connect with their own unique source of Being.

Since 30 years Lex guides people in his courses and workshops on their inner journey. With great clarity and respect he leads them into presence - into truth. And so he invites to look behind and beyond the “usual”. He encourages everyone to bring out his/her innermost potential - the essence of the soul - and to release and let go of limiting ideas and concepts of the self - the “I” - to be able to experience the freedom and timeless power of creation.

In the sharings, meditations and the active body work there appears a lively peaceful space of silence, in which he explores and exchanges with each participant the essential personal life themes, which brings about a clear awareness of the individual path of healing and transformation for every one.
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