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You are welcome to join into a space of liveliness, intensity, focus and heartfelt presence to open up to your true nature. A space to awaken the natural sounds and movements of your soul and being connected and in harmony with yourself.

Through comprehensive work on self-acceptance and physical grounding work the soul can again find its place in a body that is open and free and thereby can find its own unique and authentic way of self expression in life.
When you listen to your body and give your body space to express itself naturally, you come in contact with its surprising pure liveliness and its wisdom of life-energy.

Since 30 years Lex van Someren is supporting people in his workshops and seminars on their inner journey. With great clarity, focus and compassion he is guiding people into presence - into truthfulness. He invites to look beyond the usual - beyond the normal. He encourages each one to realise his/her innermost potential - the Essence of the Soul - and to part from his/her limited ideas and concepts of “I” and the self, to be able to experience the freedom and timeless power of creation and life.

From the sharing’s, meditations and the active seminar work with movement, dance and voice arises a vibrant silent and sacred space from which Lex explores with each one the actual personal life themes. And from there for each person an individual path of healing, transformation and new awareness crystallizes itself into Being.