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A special Soundexperience

Lex van Someren celebrates a musical journey to the inner

Those people who have once experienced a concert with Lex van Someren, know that this Sound Artist has a talent to embody the dimensions of the soul in his music and performance art. His singing and chanting are like a poetic language of the heart, which touch a profound space within. Under the title "Like in Heaven" this Dutch performance artist, living in South Germany, invites us, together with his band, on a musical journey for heart and soul with an extraordinary world of sound VOICE - VISION - MYSTERY
Meditative music, enthralling melodies, mystical soundscape experiences, chanting, Lex' soulful voice and the silence blend into a harmonious synthesis that create a sense of wellbeing and a healing atmosphere, which have a profound and long range effect on the audience.
The concert repertoire includes many compositions by Lex van Someren and his musical partner, Frank Steiner, sacred chants (mantras) and surprising improvisations - music that the musicians create in the moment here-and-now.

With his versatile and magical voice, which reaches 4 octaves, this singer celebrates many of his songs in his soul language - words and syllables without  rational meaning, which removes the distraction of the mind and empower the audience to listen with the heart.
These songs and brilliantly arranged and performed pieces of music transform the concert hall into a lively and sacred space, with a special feeling of silence where we can go on a soul journey and relax our body and mind.